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If you are thinking about moving, have in mind that Toronto is a beautiful city to live in. There are also many employment opportunities. Every Canadian job seeker can find a perfect job vacancy there.

Accounting jobs in Toronto are what are you particularly interested in? At the beginning, let us check the duties of an accountant. An average accountant should document all financial transactions, maintain accounting controls, secure financial information, prepare asset, liability and capital account entries, recommend financial actions, prepare special financial reports and guide accounting clerical staff. This position also includes analyzing accounts, summarizing current financial status, reconciling financial discrepancies, complying with state and local financial legal requirements and preparing payment. The one who wants to be accountant shouldn’t forget about dealing with insolvency cases, providing tax planning services, meeting and interviewing clients, financial forecasting and risk analysis, compiling and preparing reports, etc.
Accountant should have general math and time management skills, proficiency in IT, attention to detail, ability to manage deadlines and knowledge about corporate finance. This person must be deadline-oriented, communicative and have business interest.
Accountants usually work in industrial organizations, private firms of accountants, commercial and corporate organizations, charities and not for profit organizations, professional services firms, the public sector and governmental bodies.

Server jobs are also an interesting option and you can find them in Toronto, too. Server jobs in toronto are perfect for people with lower level of education, students or for those who just want to start with anything after moving to Canada.

Servers have to prepare tables, serve orders by picking up and delivering patron’s choice from bar and kitchen, transmits orders to bar and kitchen, help patrons to choose food and beverages, maintain table setting and concludes dining experience. This person also should collaborate with other servers, deal with complaints with positive attitude, issue bills and accept payment.

Server has to have customer service, general math and teamwork skills. He or she should be good at resolving conflicts, have patience, attention to cleanliness and safety, just as excellent people skills. This position doesn’t require any formal education.

Delivery jobs in Toronto could be great opportunity for those who want entry-level jobs. Delivery driver should follow route and time schedule, deliver a wide variety of items, collects payments and inform of new products and services. This person has to complete logs and reports and follow safety standards.
If you want to work as delivery driver in Toronto, you must have valid driver’s license, good driving record with not traffic violations and excellent organizational and time management skills. This role requires only high school diploma.

There are also some vacancies for housing jobs in Toronto. Housing manager has to interview tenants, process applications for housing improvement, manage nuisance orders, deal with abandoned tenancies, communicate with maintenance staff and generate revenue. Housing manager also has to identify housing needs, evaluate the efficiency of housing schemes, monitor and update contractor’s lists, etc.
This person has to have sensitivity and empathy, the ability to adapt to different situations, an interest in working with diverse social groups and customer-first approach to work.

If you consider yourself as an artist, you might be interested in photography. Advertising, wedding, corporate or fashion photography could be a choice if you want some artistic profession in Toronto.
Usually, photographers have to discuss with clients about images they need, prepare for the shoot and work in different circumstances in order to get right image, use wide range of technical equipment, communicate with photographic subject and direct them, arrange background, check for quality and compile finished products for sale. Photographer should also keep up to date with industry trends, correct minor faults on images and do some self-marketing. He or she should have degree in art and design, digital imaging, graphics, media studies, fine art or photography.
Photographers often work in commercial studios, museum, large corporations, for magazines, cruise liners, theme parks, holiday companies, etc. They even work for police or as assistants for high street or wedding photographers. Of course, photographers could also be freelancers.

Library jobs in Toronto could be great opportunity for those who love literature and want to live in this city. Librarians often classifies library resources, use library systems, assist readers to conduct literature searches, manage staff, budget and resources and ensure library meets the needs of specific groups of users. This position also includes answering reader’s enquires, liaising with departmental academic staff and promoting library’s resources to users. Librarian also has to keep up-to-date with newly released publications, organize resources in an accessible way and organize library provisions for specific community groups.

Public libraries, research institutes, specialist departments within the large professional firms, hospital and government, colleges, universities just as professional and learned societies – those are usually workplaces for librarians.
Ideal applicant for this position must be familiar with the use of databases, have excellent verbal and presentation skills, as well as management skills and ability to interact with wide range of people. Perfect librarian also has to have flexible attitude to work, enthusiasm and versatility.

There are more positions related to art. If you are searching for museum jobs in Toronto, there is a position of museum exhibition officer. It includes helping to develop museum activities, identifying and negotiating the acquisition of items, undertaking relevant research, working with consultants and conservators and generating income via fundraising activities. Museum exhibition officer should also manage staff and budgets, liaise with schools, prepare and distribute publicity materials, etc.
Museum exhibition officer often work at universities, public sector organizations, galleries, archeological units, museums and local authorities. These officers must have genuine interest in culture and art, organizational and administrative skills.

If education is your area, you can try to be teacher in some of the primary schools in Toronto. Teacher must take responsibility for the progress of class, plan, prepare and present the lessons, create and distribute educational content, maintain discipline, provide feedback to parents and work with colleagues to plan and coordinate work. This position also includes organizing and taking part in school events, liaising with colleagues and providing individualized instructions. Teacher also has to maintain tidy and orderly classroom, enrich professional skills and participate in regular meetings.
Ideal teacher should have strong moral values and discipline, knowledge of teaching best practices and good interpersonal skills. He or she also must be energetic, creative and well organized.

If you are seeking for technical support jobs in Toronto, think about being IT technical support officer. This position includes monitoring and maintaining computer systems and network, installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications, replacing parts as required, troubleshooting system and network problems and providing support. IT technical support officer also has to support the roll-out of new applications, prioritize and manage many open cases at one time and respond within agreed time to call-outs.
IT technical support officer should have degree or IT related certification. Postgraduate qualification is not always necessary. Person on this position must have strong customer focus, knowledge of how software and operating systems works attention to detail and ability to think logically. Also, IT technical support officer should have ability to prioritize workload and to work well in a team.

Technical support engineer has similar duties – researching, diagnosing, troubleshooting and identifying solutions to resolve customer issues, providing prompt and accurate feedback to customers, preparing accurate and timely reports, etc. Technical support engineer also has to ensure proper recording and closure of all issues. He or she must have good client-facing skills and Bachelor’s degree in Computer science, Technology or equivalent field.

Maybe you have out-going personality? You might be satisfied with position of event manager. Event jobs in Toronto are very popular.
Event manager has to organize music festivals, parties, weddings, conferences, fairs, cultural events, music festivals, promotions, fundraising events, etc. This person has to communicate with clients about their requirements, manage and coordinate suppliers and all event logistics, make sure legal, health and safety obligations are followed, etc. Event manager also has to liaise with marketing team to promote the event, organize facilities for first aid, media, car parking, traffic control and security and produce post-event evaluation.

Even manager must have negotiation and organizational skills, proactive approach, enthusiasm, diplomacy and the ability to manage budgets. He or she also has to have interpersonal skills, attention to detail, self-motivation and project management experience.

Toronto’s police jobs might be interesting for you, too. Policeman prevents crimes and enforces laws, apprehends suspects, make arrests, conducts criminal investigations, fulfills court orders, maintains safe traffic, rescues victims and interviews witnesses. He or she also has to document observations, interrogate suspects, patrol assigned area, complete reports and mediate disputes. This role includes responding to emergencies, controlling crowds, offering advice and mediating in tense situations as well.

Policeman usually works for specialist forces and local authority managed police forces. Policeman is supposed to have maturity, assertiveness, resilience, open-mindedness and be able to handle responsibility. He or she must be calm in dangerous situations. For those who want to entry this position there are usually some fitness, educational and medical tests.

For those who opt for bank jobs in Toronto, there are bank teller, corporate banker and bank customer service representative positions.
Bank teller has to serve customers by providing account services, completing special requests, maintain customer confidence and protect bank operations and cross-sell bank products. This position also includes building trust relationships, detecting fraudulent transactions, complying with regulatory requirements, resolving customer’s issues, etc.

This person needs to have integrity and people skills, knowledge about financial software, documentation and sales skills, Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Banking or relevant field. Also, bank teller must be communicative, polite and ready to find solutions for customer’s problems.
Corporate banker role is similar to bank teller. The main difference is that bank teller works with everyday people and corporate bankers do the same with companies. This position includes discussing the financial requirements with company’s representatives, promoting the bank’s services, managing projects, preparing lending agreements, advising corporate clients, etc. Corporate bankers have to be discrete, willing to work long and unsocial hours and have good interpersonal skills.

Bank customer service representative should protect image of the bank, avoid negative reviews and loss of customers, proposes solutions for customer’s problems, improves customer’s banking experience, participates in marketing and awareness campaigns, ensures that customer’s confidential information is properly protected and provide assistance to all other members of staff. Bank customer service representative must have good multi-tasking and strong communicational skills, be patient and able to influence people.

If you choose any of these positions, there is a future for you in Toronto. All of these careers can bring you competitive salaries and possibility to learn and improve yourself. Even if you opt for temporary or summer jobs in Toronto, you can find them on

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